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Lanesboro Area Chamber of Commerce

LACC Members Make a Difference!

What does it mean to be a member of the Lanesboro Area Chamber of Commerce (LACC)? And what exactly does your membership do? You might be surprised. You can also be proud. You’re making a positive difference in our community!

Here are five key actions your membership dollars make possible:

1︎⃣ You help promote and market local businesses. That helps all of us!

A large portion of the Lanesboro Area economy is generated from people visiting here. Whether they live two miles or 50+ miles away, dollars spent here help sustain and grow all local merchants. We all benefit from that.

2︎⃣ You keep our Visitor Center open. That helps all of us!

The Lanesboro Visitor Center is a key support and information touchpoint for thousands of tourists seeking to explore Bluff Country each year. In-person visits, phone calls, web info — the Center is a one-stop-shop dispensing vital information about where to eat, sleep, shop and play locally.

3︎⃣ You help new and potential businesses get started. That helps all of us!

When a new or potential business owner researches our area, one of the first calls they can make is to our Chamber of Commerce. Questions answered, info provided, and personal support shared, plays a huge role in successfully launching a new business. Your support provides all three!

4︎⃣ You help get our voice heard - locally and beyond. That helps all of us!

We live in challenging times. (The recent pandemic is an obvious example). Starting and running a successful business today is not easy. Working together helps, and so does advocating for shared needs and resources. Our Chamber does that locally and statewide. Your support makes that happen!

5︎⃣ You build partnerships. That helps all of us!

The Chamber provides opportunities for networking and a sense of involvement in the community. Still others find benefit from the Chamber’s one-on-one business coaching, marketing consultation and more. We can do more together than we can do individually. There’s strength in numbers!

The Lanesboro Area Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit. We need your help.

Like all chambers of commerce in the US, the Lanesboro Area Chamber of Commerce operates exclusively as a non-profit entity known as a 501(c)(6) corporation.

  • Nonprofits are businesses with overhead, employee payroll, insurance, office supplies, marketing and advertising expenses, just like every other business.

  • Our nonprofit status is a tool that brings our services and products together to build business success, one member at a time.

Your continued membership supports all our efforts to make the Lanesboro Area a great place to live, work and play.
Thank you for being an LACC member!