2024 Annual Meeting

Our IN PERSON 27th Annual Meeting of the Members will took place online on Tuesday, January 23, 2024, at 5:00pm

We will be live and in-person.  If you would like to participate in voting you must attend in person.  Observation will be available on Zoom, but not participation.  If you would like to participate, give feedback and vote in the board elections, you must be in person and you must RSVP here

Meeting packet

List of items you'll need for the 2024 Annual Meeting 

Important Dates

Each year, there are at least three seats open for nomination and election and this year we have an open seat to fill as well.  Candidates for these positions will give brief remarks at the annual meeting and then the in-person membership will vote on the candidates.

If you would like to put your name in for consideration, please fill out this form: Board of Directors Application Form, on or before January 20th 2024.

In the 3rd week of January, you will receive the LACC Annual Packet by EMAIL* Ballots will be presented in person at the Annual Meeting.  


(*) Maintaining an updated profile is critical: make sure your email address is current in your Member Information Center account. Login @ https://lacc.mn/mic to verify.