Spring Campaign Drive: Friday, March 25th


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Breaking news: March 25, 2022

2022 Spring Advertorials

To recap the concept: Instead of a common, mainstream ad, we use an article page, where Our Writer's Super Team (Steve Harris and Alison Leathers) "creatively inject" names of sponsoring businesses within the copy about "Destination Lanesboro" (see the production in a real-time here) - for a reader, it will look like a story in the magazine they are reading. See examples from past years: here, here, here, here, and here.

Usually the costs in prominent publications such as Minnesota Monthly, is prohibitive to us (north of 5K) -- UNLESS, we use the POWER OF MANY: the more businesses participate in cost-sharing, the price starts to drop.

To recap last year: although we did not hit the “magic 31” we surpassed the number from 2019 -- your investment of $170 returned value of over $550 per participating business. That is, if you'd want to appear in all the magazines* last year you'd pay north of $16K

In the long run: what does it mean? Being able to negotiate sweet deals with media is just one first drop (don’t get me wrong - it’s important too :)) — the nurturing rain comes from the many businesses collaborating in unison to get the word out in prominent outlets otherwise too expensive to each of us to advertise on our own.

Extending our promotional / marketing funds (lodging tax) in any creative (and legitimate of course) way possible, is - in my opinion - our duty (under the umbrella of LACC as: Chamber/Visitor Center AND Destination Marketing Organization combined) to drive the prosperity to our community.

You of course know all that 😎

* 2022 Advertorials: Spring/Fall Minnesota Monthly edition, Rochester Visitor; lifestyle magazines: (a) Edina, (b) Minnetonka, (c) Woodbury; and Summer Travel Minneapolis St Paul Magazine